Asphalt driveways can last up to 20 years when sealed regularly and maintained properly. M&S Asphalt Paving offers quality installations that fit the humid Florida climate, high-traffic volumes, and more. Like most everything else, the better care you take of your asphalt driveway, the longer it will remain in-tact.. If you’re ready for an asphalt driveway for your residential Florida property, contact M&S Asphalt Paving.

Recycled Millings Driveways

If you are looking for an eco-friendly, low-maintenance, and durable material for your driveway, consider using recycled asphalt millings. This driveway option works perfectly for driveways and small private roads and requires no refinishing, resurfacing, or replacing. Recycled asphalt pavement gravel is also less susceptible to elements, like intense rain, moisture, and wear. Recycled millings also produce less dust and mud, so you can avoid any unwanted mess or grime on your car and in your home.

Asphalt recycling is good for the environment. If not recycled, old asphalt will stay in the landfill forever. It's very durable – as much, if not more, than new asphalt – and it’s easy to install. M&S Asphalt Paving specializes in recycled milling driveways for private homes, roads, and driveways. We can install millings as an overlay or resurface for an existing asphalt surface, which is the best base for new asphalt. Damaged or troubled areas are repaired before the installation of asphalt, and millings will seal and set in no time. Contact M&S Asphalt Paving to discuss recycled millings for your Florida home today.

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